Thirst is a work whose imagery leaps off the page and into the mind of the reader, transporting the reader into the brutal and grotesque world of 17th-century Venice. That imagery, along with its profound plot and seductive characters, make this opus perfect for transformation from the page to the stage as a grand opera! -Gerard & Mary Chiusano, composer and librettist 


Mary Donnarumma Sharnick's writing paints dramatic swaths of color and character. High drama is definitely her friend. I admire her relentless plotting and pathos, all the makings of an arc that begged for staging. Her classical ideas marry her great array of personalities and inspired the adaptation of her first novel Thirst to be born an opera. I'm sure a grocery list by her would be filled with catastrophe and denouement. -Robert Cutrofello, playwright and librettist for the opera of Thirst 


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L-R Bob Cutrofello, Gerard Chiusano,                                                  Opening Scene

Mary Chiusano, Mary Donnarumma Sharnick

                     With tremendous gratitude and unmitigated excitement, I share the news that my historical novel, THIRST (www.fireshippress.com), will be adapted as an opera.

                      Conductor/Composer Gerard Chiusano is collaborating with my colleague, playwright Robert Cutrofello, and fellow librettist, Mary Hochman-Chiusano to adapt scenes from the novel's pages to the operatic stage.

                      The multi-year project has already begun, with the Chiusano and Sharnick families having enjoyed the hospitality of the Cutrofello family for a full day of scene-by-scene discussion, an abundant table, and Italian wines.

                      Thanks to Fireship's captain, Michael James, for his enthusiastic support of this project.